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Week of December 7, 2010 in ETE 261

                The final entry and my final week of classes I am so excited.  So we had another video scare because we did not meet over the weekend since we never got an answer from Patty when we contacted her.  She did submit a final version of the video however; it was not exactly what we wanted it to be.  I really should not complain considering she did most of the video on her own but really I would have been happy to help had she answered my texts or emails.  We presented our movie though to the class and I guess it turned out alright even if it was not how I pictured it to be.  This week we also showed our web portfolio’s and filled out course evaluations.  The evaluations are the same for each class so that was boring but I know it’s helpful for the teachers so I made sure to answer honestly and actually read each question.  My portfolio was pretty; I had decided on a winter theme for it since I had the Christmas spirit building.  I wrote left instead of right; dad always did yell at me for mixing those up.  I was happy with how it turned out though even if I was not able to use the brush font that I really liked.  It definitely showed what I was able to accomplish which for the most part showed a good demonstration of the skills I gained in this course.  I feel that I learned a lot in this Multimedia course though and am excited to be able to use it once I am in the classroom teaching. 

Week of November 30, 2010 in ETE 261

This week was alright; I thought that the creativity lesson we had on Tuesday was interesting and was good for us to go over. Our video was supposed to be due on Tuesday but thankfully it got pushed back to Friday along with our Multimedia Plan. Oh my gosh so we had a big setback with our video because we can’t access any of the footage I took over break since I have my camera but not the cord to upload all the footage to the computer and no one I know has the same camera that I do. Patty still was not in class but luckily she had enough footage and the programs to put together a first draft and upload it to YouTube. I swear I was ready to cry when I thought that we did not have a first draft but it all worked out and Matt, Patty, and I are supposed to be meeting this weekend to get a little more footage since we were missing footage for the two L tips in our Halloween acronym. Oh so I decided on a paper topic, Fashion as a Creative Art, I plan to use Project Runway as support for this topic. My Multimedia Plan came out well I think; I was even able to tie in some uses for excel that I learned in my Engineering Math class. Thank goodness this week is over though because it was so stressful with all the video problems. Only one more week and a few finals and I will have survived my first semester at college!! One more entry left for this blog.

Week of November 23, 2010 in ETE 261

So we only had class on Tuesday this week because we have Thanksgiving break!!! On Tuesday we covered ethics and looked at different case studies to help us get an understanding about proper use of the tools we have available such as Photoshop and Illustrator. We also gave progress reports on our video and had individual consultations with Dr. Donohue. Our video is really behind so over break we are filming and then will come back and hopefully put all the footage together into our video. Our product has been done for awhile so we are fine with that and our storyboard is set so really we just have to film for our video which has proven hard because of our schedules; so, we decided to film separately and then piece together what footage we took. Studying the different case studies with the groups on Tuesday was really important I feel because some of the alterations done were extremely wrong but regardless of how wrong it was the studies made it clear when it is and when it is not acceptable to use programs like Photoshop to edit images. We also went over APA style that is required for our creativity paper that is due soon. I really appreciated that we had the examples straight in the PowerPoint so that we did not have to Google examples and come up with the wrong way to cite our sources for the paper. It was also nice that Et al. was explained because it will make our lives easier if we have sources that have a source with a lot of authors.

Week of November 16, 2010 in ETE 261

So review of Dreamweaver anyone? I definitely needed that review because while I remembered how to work Dreamweaver I totally forgot about Fetch which meant that yeah I could make the page but could not put it on the internet. That would totally defeat the purpose of doing all the work though so Tuesday’s lesson was extremely helpful. The tutorial was not as helpful because really for me it’s just easier to play around with the program and figure things out for myself unless the directions are step by step and extremely clear. On Wednesday we were also able to work on our websites. I still have not decided exactly what I want yet. I might choose a free template from the site that Ellie showed me since I am not exactly a fan of the ones available through Dreamweaver. So Jenn is officially gone as I forgot to mention; she wants to move to Florida and work for a while before going back to school. She withdrew from the college and I miss her but I understand why she had to so I wish her the best of luck; although she was kind enough to offer her services to help finish the video since we all had started working on it together. I thought that was kind of her but we probably won’t have her come all the way to the college just to help us film. We still have not filmed and Patty is hardly here so Matt and I worked on the second draft of the storyboard and started putting in the transition slides for our video. We are behind but I know we will make it work because we always do.

Week of November 9, 2010 in ETE 261

This week we started out on Tuesday by doing a reintroduction to iMovie. This time we went more in depth when looking at iMovie because this movie had to be more elaborate and would most likely require a higher skill level to create than our video postcard home did. It was definitely a good idea to go back over iMovie and how to use it because after all these weeks I forgot quite a lot about how to work it. Also I really did not appreciate it so much in the beginning of the semester but now I am grateful that we go over the next couple weeks and what is due on Tuesday during class because everything is starting to get hectic. Wednesday we went and started working on an iMovie tutorial and have a report on that due Friday. I feel that doing the iMovie tutorial though was kind of silly because watching those movies took more time than it would have if we simply read about how to do the functions we learned about within iMovie. So after submitting our first draft of our storyboard on Friday last week this Friday was devoted to group work for our second draft and video work. We also were able to work on our associated product. After talking with Professor Donohue we ended up simplifying each of our tips so that there were no compound tips in the acronym. We have not started filming yet which is not bad but hopefully we won’t leave it until last minute like last time. Oh and scheduling is almost as ridiculous as thinking that Matt, Patty, and I will get a lot done when we try to work during class. I swear we need a buzzer that will go off each time we start off on a tangent.

Week of November 2, 2010 in ETE 261

                So I can’t believe it’s November already.  Okay so on Tuesday we presented our collage Wednesday we worked on our storyboard and finally on Friday we did a progress report and did some more work on our storyboard and brochure.  The collage presentation went well I think we did forget the TCNJ logo but we remembered our contact information unlike with the poster project. Our collage ended up being a bowl that was filled with candy and said trick-or-treat.  It also had pictures of a ghost that held our team logo in their bellies and our contact information.  Overall I think it turned out pretty good despite having about twenty layers or more and being completed Monday night.  Our storyboard for our video is basic so far but is progressing well.  We already have our associated product done since Jenn and I had time after class on Wednesday.  We were able to use Halloween as the acronym to remember the safety tips we plan to portray in our video.  Our video we plan to do will demonstrate each tip and have superimposed text showing the line of the acronym we are demonstrating.  After we go through all of the tips we plan to show the entire acronym so that the viewers do not know from the beginning that the tips can be memorized using an acronym but will realize it at the end of the video.  Oh yeah and it turns out we didn’t submit a reworked poster; I kind of expected it though. 

Week of October 26, 2010 in ETE 261

                It’s almost Halloween!! So this week we had to complete a group report on our video and the associated product that will go with it.  We decided that we would stick with the Halloween theme but would focus on trick-or-treating safety tips.  We will do a brochure as our associated product and we are going to try to create and acronym to make the tips easier to remember for the children that would be watching the video.  This video would obviously be geared towards younger children because adults and teens know how to keep themselves safe during trick-or-treating and generally don’t trick-or-treat anymore.  We don’t think that we will have music and will possibly have voiceover and superimposed text but will definitely have at least one of the two.  We plan to be the actors/actresses too but will enlist help where necessary.  As far as the collage goes we still hardly have anything besides our team logo, which we keep the same but just place inside a different image for each project, the theme and the color scheme.  It’s due next Tuesday too which has me freaking out.  As of now Jenn and I are planning to finish it together on Monday since Patty and Matt can’t meet on Mondays.  Jenn had the idea of using pictures of candy in the collage though which we seemed to like so we will probably find some way to incorporate that.  Oh yeah and that reworked poster and documentation is most likely not going to happen since I don’t have Patty’s version and so cannot submit it; not to mention the fact that we never even fully committed to submitting that as our reworked poster.  It’s not even like the work is hard or we don’t understand what we have to do it’s just that our group has scheduling and communication difficulties.  So, our work seems to keep getting pushed back until it can’t wait anymore and one or two of us ends up finishing the majority of the project on our own. 

Week of October 19, 2010 in ETE 261

                Okay so we had fall break until Tuesday and classes didn’t start up again until Wednesday.  Class this week was just more collage and poster work on class Wednesday and Friday we started focusing on storyboards.  Our poster rework probably is not going to happen knowing our group and how far behind we are on our collage.  We still don’t have enough pictures and I was the only one to take any so we might have to use pictures off of the internet instead and cite them in our documentation.  We talked about storyboards this week because we are going to have to create one for our big video project.  It seems like a lot of work and it is just as detailed if not more detailed than any documentation we have had to do.  It does not look too hard but definitely will take a long time to complete simply because we have to break a however many minute long video into seconds describing the voiceover, text, time, and scene at that time.  On Friday to get a feel for storyboards we reverse engineered a video and broke it up into a storyboard instead of using the storyboard to create the video.  I feel that this was a good way to get us to understand how the time intervals should be for a storyboard.  I am going to work with Patty, Matt, and Jenn for the video too I think; we were discussing keeping the same topic as our collage for our video, Halloween. 

Week of October 12, 2010 in ETE 261

So we started on Illustrator this week and I was right in thinking I do better with Photoshop. Our tutorial looks easier than it was. I had to ask Ellie for help and silly me for the third one I had trouble with it because I was using the CYMK color system instead of the RGB color system. The Illustrator tutorial ended up coming out nice though and I really liked the freestyle logo I made from the picture of the tall city building. We mainly focused on the tutorial and our collage in class this week. We still have not finalized our design for our collage but Matt started working on the text part of it using some of the tools we learned by completing the illustrator tutorial. Our group has trouble meeting all together though because of our schedule differences and the fact that Jenn commutes to school. Usually it is just two of us when we try to meet outside of class and Patty is often absent which makes communicating ideas and finalizing them difficult. Patty, Jenn, and I exchanged numbers though so hopefully it will get easier now. So I decided that I dislike how we give verbal updates about our project during class; especially when there are only two of us there to explain our idea and how we haven’t implemented it yet. Thank goodness fall break is this weekend I really need it and we need to get pictures for our collage. Oh yeah and we get the chance to rework our poster and make it better although I think we are just planning to submit Patty’s version of our poster as the reworked version because the one graded was mine. Patty’s was better though because she had the records as the bullet points on our sidebar/playlist.

Week of October 5, 2010 in ETE 261

                Yay finally presented our poster but Patty was not there to present with us.  Tuesday we started learning about Photoshop and did short tutorial on it which was not so bad.  Photoshop and illustrator are actually similar tools except because of their differences there are different times to use each of them depending on what you’re trying to create/edit.  So for our design block on Wednesday we were working with Photoshop again only this time we were not just editing a picture but were to write a report after being in Photoshop and using the help tool.  This report would include new information we had learned about the program and about how to work the program.  How could I have forgotten? We got a new project.  We got to pick our groups this time but Patty, Matt, Jenn, and I are still going to work together.  We have to make a collage about a topic of our choice and will need to do more documentation.  We are going to do a Halloween themed collage I think.  To make our collage we will have to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  We went over the expectations for the collage on Friday when we went over some more Photoshop information.  I have no clue why I feel this way but I feel as if Photoshop is easier for me to understand and work with than Illustrator.  We were thinking maybe taking pictures of kids trick-or-treating and making them look like Polaroid pictures or possibly placing the pictures in the light of a streetlight.  I guess we will just have to wait and see though.